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Embracing the pursuit of excellence.

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Embracing the pursuit of excellence in Antigua and Barbuda, starting with the basics - school supplies. 

By donating backpacks and school supplies to a different school each year, we are encouraging all children to reach for the stars and giving them the basic school necessities they need to get there. 

Each year we hand deliver the supplies to the students for their first day of school.

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Donate a pre-assembled backpack filled with educational necessities to a child for their first day of school.  It is only $8.00!

What better way to get children motivated about learning than with new, useful tools to help them get where they're going?  Support our cause!


About us


We have been devoted travelers to Antigua for over 25 years.  The island has become a second home to us, with its beautiful beaches, deep culture, kind people and natural geographic diversity, it’s impossible not to fall in love.


Here's how

Every backpack counts.

Any amount accepted.  Donations exceeding the 300 backpacks will be used towards a laptop for the teachers and books for the students.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Foundation Mixed School, St. John's

Our 1st Annual Project was a huge success.  We reached and surpassed our 2018 goal by raising over $2,500 dollars.  With all of the kind donations, we were able to give a brand new 17" backpack filled with school supplies to each and every student at the Foundation Mixed School in St. John's. 

In each backpack, the students received a 70 Page Spiral Notebook, 1 Two-Pocket Folder, 1 Pack of 4 Pencils, 1 Pack Of 4 Pens, 2 Pink Erasers, 1 Sharpener, 12 Inch Ruler, 1 Glue Stick, 1 Pack of 5 Crayons, 1 Highlighter and 1 Pencil Case.

A HUGE thank you to all of our donors for making a direct impact with every single dollar.

And to the Endrington Foundation for donating seven Lenovo laptops to the teachers, helping to introduce technology in the classroom.

$500.00 +

Anthony Buffone, Robert Matthews

$100.00 - $300.00

Carla and Mike Marron , Cathy and Dave Cornine, Denville, NJ Police Department, Gabriel Savarese, Antigua Village Beach Resort, Veronica Maguire, Odalis Nieves, Patty Santorella, Shawn Mauro, JetBlue Airlines

$50.00 - $100.00

Laura and Francesco Lio, Stephanie Longhi, Jessica Tamilio, Pamela and Alex Conte, RJ Shevat, Arnold Barnes, Kevin Cassata, Diana Viejo, Lauren Pattwell, Danielle Karczynski, Nicole Tardibuono

$8.00 - $50.00

Rosanne Brooks, Narjisse Amri, Seher Karacay, Gary Sheff, Jessica Weale, Gianna Corrao, Astrid Vega, Darlene and Ralph Buffone, Weiss Froogh, Peyton Aiello, David Temiz, Lia Rhodey, Christina Sofo , Wendy Qualy, Julia Carey, Guiseppina Sarachelli, Paula Lurie , Nicole Hussa, Veronica Marsico, Scott and Danielle Kappmeier, Vincent Buffone, Noelle Cunningham, Jonathan Borrajo, Ben Summerhayes, Justin Brancaccio, Tory Fried, Matthew Montgomery , Jessica Diaz, Tarik Abbas, Inssaf Najid, Dinara Sva, Paola Henao, Alice Allaire, Corinne Pipitone, Jennifer Malesky, Shareen Madina, Terry Sims, Elisabeth Schlitz , Tyson Barnes, William Newman, Claeys Emolo, Sezen Karacay, Kristopher Pilone, Tanya Goregoitia, Ahmad Youssef

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"The absolute best tool is always a pencil. Practice, practice, practice."

-Stephanie Longhi, Metropolitan International School of Miami